Morale Was Down

RATED R: Contains foul language, adult situations, and some potty humor. In other words, enjoy!

You arrive at the office thinking this will be just another soul-sucking Monday. But you're wrong.

Someone stole a Stromboli out of the office refrigerator. Your boss thinks this latest theft is part of a larger series of intraoffice crime. It's bad for morale.

She gives you until COB to solve the mystery. But you have no idea what you're doing, and besides, it's Monday of all days.

Morale Was Down is a comedic short story, approximately 11,000 words long, about the pure, unadulterated absurdity of office life told in the second person.



In The Blood

NOT YOUR TYPICAL ZOMBIE TALE - This is the first in a series of short stories.

The virus has spread. A father becomes infected and his daughter must go on alone. After parting ways both struggle to hold onto that most important thing: their humanity. Told from the perspective of the father--now a zombie--and the daughter--now forced to be a savage--In The Blood is a moving, violent tale of what it means to be human.

In The Blood #2
Two men search for Sally Robinson. One to kill her. One to save her.
The man with the beard, the leader of the Genetic Cleansing Movement, has given his two lieutenants an ultimatum: find the girl in three days. Or else.
Jimmy Robinson, once an infected but now a cured, struggles with ongoing symptoms while he risks his life every day on supply and herding runs out of Echo Camp, hoping against hope his daughter will answer the messages he keeps leaving her online.
The virus is still out there. But has it mutated?
And who will find Sally first?
This ~20,000 word short story expands the In The Blood universe. Filled with complex, intriguing characters and exciting action, In The Blood #2 continues to explore what it means to be human.
In The Blood #3
WARNING: In The Blood #3 is NOT your typical zombie story.
The infected have zero page time in this short story.
The feds have cancelled Echo Camp’s orders with no warning. No more cure will be delivered for the foreseeable future.
But with tens of thousands of lives hanging in the balance, Teague has to do something.
Racing against time, Teague must work quickly to gather vital information from disparate, sometimes opposed, groups at Echo to write a report that will convince the feds to reverse the cancellation. If he succeeds, the feds will restock their rapidly dwindling supply of cure.
If he fails, thousands could die.
And that’s not the only problem.
People have started to disappear from Echo. The walls are good at keeping infected out, but not so good at keeping uninfected in. As Teague investigates, the mystery deepens and it’s unclear if they’ve left of their own accord or if something else—something much more sinister—is happening.
Hooked yet? If yes, read on and find out.
I repeat, this is NOT your typical zombie story.
There are no action sequences; gory, violent killings; or plots involving our heroes getting trapped in small spaces and being surrounded by a horde of the undead.
This is a cerebral thriller that explores how organizations work—and don’t work—to accomplish their goals.
This ~29,000 word short story expands the In The Blood universe. Filled with complex, intriguing characters, In The Blood #3 continues to explore what it means to be human.

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