Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Through the Narrows

Book 2 of the Tomahawk & Saber series, Through the Narrows, is available now!

Wolf Tongue and Pyke's adventures continue as they return a familiar, but not very friendly, place, prompted by reports of Indian raiding.

Readers that enjoyed the first in the series, Language of the Bear, are bound to like this one. If LOTB was Heart of Darkness meets Lethal Weapon, Through the Narrows is Zulu meets The Searchers.

Yes, really.

Though it's set in the Province of Pennsylvania in the mid 18th century, this book functions very much like a Western. When you read it, you'll see what I mean.

Things get pretty dark in this story. Wolf Tongue's tribe continues to dwindle. Pyke's career has stalled. And both are forced to defend a less-than-deserving town.

Will we see more of Wolf Tongue and Pyke?

I hope so...

Here's the blurb for Through the Narrows:

Wolf Tongue of the Susquehannock and Lieutenant Hugh Pyke of the British Army barely survived their first mission together. Now with the French and Indian War beginning to flame around them, the frontier of the Pennsylvania Colony is restless.

When they’re called back to protect Millers Town from Indian raiders, Pyke and Wolf Tongue discover the settlement is outnumbered and there is no militia to reinforce them. Even worse, Pyke and Wolf Tongue fear the townsfolk harbor secrets just as deadly as their attackers.

As Pyke tries to build a haphazard defense with a band of farmers and children against an almost inevitable slaughter, the mysteries of the town begin to unravel. Pyke realizes his life is in danger from the very people he is duty-bound to protect—perhaps, even from the beautiful French outcast who seems to know more than she should.

With a final, crushing attack imminent, Wolf Tongue hurries to rescue a kidnapped girl who might be the only hope for the town’s survival while Pyke struggles to protect the innocent. As they carve away layers of deceit, both men must confront the terrible truths behind Millers Town to survive the dangers to their lives, their peoples, and their honor.

Through the Narrows continues the historical adventure of the Tomahawk and Saber series, filled with suspense and action that captures the deadly brutality, danger, and strength of Colonial America.


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