The Hysteria

The man's daughter isn't possessed. But Eddie can't tell him that.

The people aren't actually missing. They're hiding. But Eddie can't tell the cops that.

He's in way over his head. But Eddie can't tell the deep-cover team of Federal agents that.

Random, increasing violence plagues the town. The bodies are piling up. Eddie can't trust anyone. Something inexplicable is happening.

And there may be no way to stop it.

This time, Eddie McCloskey might not make it out alive ...

The Hysteria is approximately 75,000 words and is specifically formatted for Kindle.



  1. Loving the series! Do you have an estimated release date for THE HYSTERIA?

  2. Hi Kate - Thanks for your interest and I'm glad you enjoy the books!

    The Hysteria will be out by year's end. This will be Eddie's most challenging case to date, one he's totally unprepared for...

    Just FYI - My zombie short story is free today and tomorrow on Amazon so grab a copy if that's your thing:

    ALSO - I have a standing offer to anyone that leaves an honest review of The Unearthed series on Amazon: a free copy of my humorous short story, Morale Was Down, about the absurdity of office life. If you'd like a free copy, shoot me an email at (I promise not to share your email with anyone).

    Thanks again and happy reading,