Monday, September 22, 2014

Expanded Universe

I wish I could put every fact and little detail into Eddie McCloskey's adventures, but story-telling requires us hack writers to kill our darlings. The great thing about the internet, though, it has enabled us to provide more content than ever before and expand the universe of our stories outside of the traditional text so readers can get a fuller, richer experience if they so desire.

One such nugget is this journal entry that Eddie's partner on his job in Pennsylvania uncovered during her research about her sister. In The Lost, I write about Eddie's first solo paranormal investigation, happening some five years after his brother's murder. 

“It haunts me, not just when I’m dreaming. It follows me. It dogs me. I can’t get away from it and now I don’t want to because it has opened my eyes. There is a world beyond ours and beyond that one and beyond that one. We see a fraction and know even less because we can’t trust our eyes, not completely. One day I will join it. One day I will surpass it. This town isn’t even a dot on the map, but a map is nothing. All these people, they are nothing. They don’t see. Even if I die, I will ...”

-Tessa Lovsky, writing in her diary three days before she died

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