Saturday, November 8, 2014

Great Reviews of In The Blood

"This book is different than other zombie books. the struggles that the characters go through were interesting.
This book gives you a zombies perspective. That in and of itself was worth the read."

"Highly recommended if you are ready for a different take on the zombie apocalypse."

"Keep writing Evan, I'll keep reading! Readers, be brave, take a peek at this story and read it all the way!"

"While this is a typical setting for a zombie story, the thing that made this book fresh and appealing were the unique devices the author offered in using the Internet Forum Chat Room as a way to relate information and advance the story. Also, the twist he introduced regarding the zombies themselves was something I had never seen used before and provided a whole new angle I had never considered. Overall, the writing is clear and the dialogue realistic. The horror of the situation is also palpable as the characters are placed in very undesirable positions and forced to make choices one should never have to imagine."

"I really enjoyed this book. This book is a very short read and I didn’t want this book to end because I wanted…scratch that I needed more. I didn’t want this story to end, why you ask? Well because Evan Ronan sucked me into this world of infected people, Jimmy, and Sally."

"Definitely makes you think about what you might be capable of, if your survival was threatened, and your actions were no longer restricted by the rules of society. Grim and forbidding."


  1. Hi there Mr. Ronan,
    Just yesterday discovered your trilogy. I realized the best deal available on Amazon at the time was to purchase the book containing the trilogy that was published on Nov. 1st so I downloaded it. I am only 6% into the first one but noted a couple items I wanted to mention. So far I really enjoy the premise and penmanship of what I've read! However, at the beginning of the book this claim is made: "The Unearthed is approximately 65,000 words and IS SPECIFICALLY FORMATTED FOR KINDLE." Unfortunately, I do not find this claim to be true. The ability to navigate from one chapter to the next using the right and left directions of the 4-way directional button on the Kindle 4 is frustrating. The only items included in the table of contents are the titles of the 3 novels and the bonus short story. The table of contents does not contain a listing of the chapters nor links to use to navigate the book easily. The other issue I've encountered in the first 6% of book I are the numerous typos. Might you consider making these corrections and providing a more interactive and complete table of contents to these novels? It's a bummer for me when I own 3 different Kindles and cannot access the latest technology available to navigate the ebooks I purchase.
    Thank you for your time.
    An Avid Reader

  2. Dear Avid Reader -

    First, thanks for trying out the books!

    Second (and more importantly), thank you for sharing the issues you've encountered. I take reader feedback very seriously. In order to dig a little deeper than a blog comment would permit, would you mind shooting me an email at I promise not to share your email address with anyone and through an email exchange I could dig a little deeper and also offer a couple different solutions to the issues.

    Thanks again, and please call me Evan!

    1. Evan,

      I'm humbled by your quick response to my original comment(s) posted yesterday. I will definitely send you an email later today (I'm at work right now and it's not prudent, or in my best interest, to compose an email at this time.) In the meantime, I'll being looking forward to our correspondence.

      Thanks again for taking the time to not only read my posting, but to respond so quickly and with an apparent honest sincerity.

      An Avid Reader