Thursday, March 26, 2015

...the traveler...

The fifth book in the Eddie McCloskey books, The Traveler, will be out soon. I'm working with my editor on the final draft and we're pushing hard to get a March release.

Eddie is still reeling from what happened to him in The Hysteria. Out of respect for the spoiler, I won't go into details about that book (it's still fairly new!). As I've done with this series and what readers seem to really enjoy, Eddie evolves from one book to the next and to remain true to that I couldn't ignore the traumatic events in #4.

So readers will be treated to the good, old Eddie they know and have come to love, only this Eddie is suffering from new psychological issues, which will have a major impact in this story.

In The Traveler, Eddie is not only hunting a ghost. He's also hunting the person that is helping the ghost kill. It's a fun, scary, fast read and we get to peer deeper into Eddie's psyche than ever before. Look for it soon!

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