The Unearthed - Paranormal Mystery Series

The Unearthed (Book 1)

Three years ago, a father, mother, and son murdered each other at home—a bloody tragedy that would later be known as the Moriarty Massacre. Only the youngest son, Eamon, survived that horrific night.

Now the Rossellis, the family currently living in the home, are experiencing strange phenomena. The phone rings randomly, a bloodlike stain continually reappears in the dining room, and their son, Billy, is talking to someone. Someone nobody can see and only Billy can hear.

The Rossellis hire Tim and Eddie McCloskey, local ghost hunters, to investigate. As the case quickly develops, their investigation takes dark turns as they race against time to find a missing boy. And as Tim and Eddie discover some terrifying similarities between the Moriartys and the Rossellis, they realize another massacre might be around the corner, and only they can stop it.

The Unearthed is approximately 65,000 words. 


The Lost (Book 2)

Fourteen years ago ... Tessa Lovsky and her friends played a dangerous game on an icy lake. When the ice broke, no one could save Tessa from drowning. Before she went under, Tessa said she would kill them all.

Five years ago ... Eddie McCloskey’s brother was murdered on their last paranormal investigation. Now Eddie, who swore off ghost hunting, faces the biggest case of his life.

Now ... Marty Kindler, heir to the local gentry, claims the whole town is haunted. Either this is the find of the century, or it’s all a hoax. Only Eddie can piece it all together.

But Eddie better hurry, because someone is trying to kill the people who were on that ice with Tessa all those years ago.

The Lost is approximately 80,000 words.



The Accused and the Damned (Book 3)

When the police arrest Anson Ketcher and charge him with murdering his wife, all he keeps saying is: "The ghost killed her."

Nobody believes him. And nobody should, given Anson's violent past and rocky relationship with his dead wife. Everyone wants to see Anson convicted.
Except Eddie McCloskey, paranormal investigator turned expert witness. Only Eddie can prove the man's innocence, but in doing so, can he find the real killer?
The Accused and the Damned is the first of its kind, a paranormal legal thriller. It is approximately 80,000 words.


The man's daughter isn't possessed. But Eddie can't tell him that.

The people aren't actually missing. They're hiding. But Eddie can't tell the cops that.

He's in way over his head. But Eddie can't tell the deep-cover team of Federal agents that.

Random, increasing violence plagues the town. The bodies are piling up. Eddie can't trust anyone. Something inexplicable is happening.

And there may be no way to stop it.

This time, Eddie McCloskey might not make it out alive ...

The Hysteria is approximately 75,000 words.


Eddie McCloskey is a survivor. But the scars from his last case run deep, slowly driving him mad.

Detective Sumiko Christie has her work cut out for her. Before the two victims died, they both reported seeing a ghost. And it gets stranger.

Both victims died from fear.

Christie is no expert in the paranormal. Eddie isn't ready for a case this dangerous.

But they have no choice. The ghost they're trying to find is the rarest of the rare.

It's a traveler.

And it's going to kill more people. Unless Eddie and Christie can stop it.

The Traveler is the fifth entry in Evan Ronan's paranormal thriller series.


The Dream Machine (Book 6)