Thursday, June 4, 2015

Get A Free Book When You Sign Up For My Mailing List

I try to keep my newletters short (you're busy), infrequent (is there anything more annoying than a daily group email?), and not salesy (you didn't sign up to constantly get pitched).

But if that doesn't get you clicking, that's okay, because I'm going to sweeten the pot.

Starting tonight, anyone that signs up for my Mailing List will get a free book.

I know what you're thinking. A free book? Surely Ronan is just going to pawn off his unpublished dreck on us while hording his good stuff.


For the next 30 days I'll give you the solo project of your choosing. (Sorry, this offer does not apply to the books I'm co-authoring.)

This is a great deal for anybody wanting to give my paranormal series a try. Or, if you read and enjoyed books 1-3 (all ghost stories) but are unsure of book 4 (NOT a ghost story), you just sign up and try The Hysteria for free.

Pretty cool, right?

As any regular follower of this blog knows, I'm hard at work on a number of projects, with more books in my paranormal thriller series coming out later this year and also standalones due out. So even if you've already churned through The Unearthed books, it's still worth signing up for the Mailing List because more new releases are on the way, and you can redeem your freebie on one of those.


  1. I signed up now how do I get my free book

  2. Notorious DM - Just sent you your free copy of The Lost. Hope you enjoy

  3. Hello. I signed up for your newsletter last night, but have not received the email from you to get my free by book.
    Thank you advance and take care.