Thursday, July 16, 2015

Get Bundled Up For Summer

I'm excited to announce I just put out three new bundles!

The first two are for The Unearthed series. By buying a bundle, you're basically getting a free novel:

Bundle 1 ($9.99): The Lost, The Accused and the Damned, The Hysteria
Bundle 2 ($9.99): The Accused and the Damned, The Hysteria, The Traveler

The other bundle is for my zombie series, In The Blood. This series is (so far) four short stories that combined are equal to the length of a novel. I do have plans to extend this series, but probably not until next year (after I get through some more novels!). So for now, you can pick up the whole series as one title here:

In The Blood Omnibus (1 - 4) Zombie Series

Kindle Unlimited subscribers will be pleased to see I've made all these bundles available through KU, meaning you can read several stories for the price of one borrow.

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