Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Random, Made-Up Q&A

Here are some questions I've totally made up but figure you've asked yourself ever since I put out The Unearthed and how I would answer them:

Q: Why do you use photos for all your covers?
A: Two reasons. It's cool. Also, I'm a huge movie fan and like to think my books are cinematic. I realize how ridiculous that sounds now that I've typed it.

Q: You do realize The Unearthed is written upside-down on the cover?
A: I was really drunk when I approved the cover. Now my cover artist won't right-side-up the title unless I pay him more money. He's holding me financially hostage. Just kidding. My cover artist is a great guy, very gifted with the visual arts and a talented musician. Some day (another post) I'll introduce him.

Q: Why did you make Tim McCloskey such a #*&%?
A: Believe it or not, I meant for Tim to be the main protagonist of The Unearthed when I wrote it a few years back. And he kind of is. But Eddie ultimately made for the more interesting character so....(I'm respecting the worst-kept secret here)

Q: How do you come up with your ideas?
A: Pull them out of the ether. (joking) The same way you probably get your ideas about how to do your job better, or what kind of house/car you'd like, or what shirt to buy, or how to fix that damned leak in the bathroom. Don't let any writers bullshit you and tell you their process is magic and special. For The Accused and the Damned, I literally stumbled across a news article about an accused wife-beating asshole who said a ghost had hit his wife. (unfortunately, I'm not joking here)

Q: Will Eddie ever have a final confrontation with Eamon Moriarty?
A: (SPOILER ALERT) Eddie has a confrontation with Eamon in The Hysteria. Whether it's the final one or not, I won't answer.

Q: Will Eddie ever get married?
A: Every cynic is a romantic at heart. Eddie is no different and I'll leave it at that.

Q: Did you model Eddie after yourself?
A: Eddie is not little old, boring me. He's probably the best and worst of me, all at the same time. How's that for an answer?

Q: When will Eddie finally see Stan and Moira?!?! And will they ever work together again?
A: Nice use of the double-interrobang there. Eddie does visit Stan and Moira in one of these books. But you'll have to buy/borrow them to figure out which one. (boohaha)And I'm just now toying with the idea of writing an "in-between-quel" starring Stan and Moira. I think they would make for a great "Nick and Nora Charles" of the paranormal world. (Kudos if you got that reference.)

Q: So...is Eddie a real person?
A: Maybe...No...Yes...Sometimes. He definitely is, in my mind at least.

Q: Did you really grow up in New Jersey? And my apologies if you did.
A: HEY! No need to apologize, you arsehole! New Jersey is a great state. Just ask all those annoying Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers who crowd our beaches every summer. Huh? What's up now?

Q: Do you really still live in New Jersey?
A: Enough with the Jersey cracks.

Q: Because your PO Box has a Jenkintown, PA address.
A: I'm glad you (hypothetically) noticed. By law I'm required to list a physical address to potential newsletter subscribers. I purchased a PO Box because I didn't want the world to know what my actual address was. I'm sure you understand. If you want to send me something please Think Green and email me instead. Thanks!

Q: Hey! I've got an idea for an Eddie book--
A: Let me stop you right there. I'm sure it's a great idea. I'm sure it's probably as good or better an idea than I can come up with. But please don't send me ideas for stories, or your story, or your friend's idea for a story, or your friend's story. For legal reasons I can't read them. I don't want to have to hire Denard.

Q: Do you ever collaborate with other authors?
A: I do! And I'm very lucky to work with the one and only Nathanael Green. One day Nate will realize he's a much better writer than me and that he doesn't need my help. Until then, I will ride his coattails to fortune and glory! (boohaha)

Q: So I just checked your Amazon Author Page and don't see any collaborations included in your bibliography...so have you actually written something with Nate?
A: Two things. And...wait for it...wait for it...

(still waiting for it)

A: (cont'd) Our historical novel, Language of the Bear, will be available in April, 2015 on Amazon! Here's the skinny: A young, British officer and a brash Susquehannock warrior are forced to undertake a secret mission to assassinate a rogue English lord who is stirring up trouble in the wilds of Pennsylvania in the year or so before the French and Indian War.

Q: What's the story like?
A: If it were a drink recipe:

  • one part Heart of Darkness
  • one part Last of the Mohicans
  • one part Lethal Weapon
  • one part Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Q: ...Really?
A: Would I lie in response to a hypothetical question you didn't actually ask me?

Q: Is it part of a series?
A: Yes. We're calling it the Saber and Tomahawk Series.

Q: You said you wrote two things with Nate. What about the other story?
A: Currently being shopped to agents and editors. Can't talk details. (See what I did there?)

Q: That's pretty cool...but, seriously...New Jersey?
A: Next question.

Q: How many books long will The Unearthed series be?
A: I'm thinking 8 or 9. But if they continue to sell and I get more ideas and I can figure out a way to keep Eddie interesting, I'll just keep going.

Q: In the back of your books, you reference all these other books in different genres you're working on. When will they be out?
A: I wish I knew. I have a publishing schedule worked out but it is constantly changing. Readers keep asking me for more Eddie books, so for now it makes sense to focus my efforts there. If I didn't also have a full-time (non-writing) job, I'd pump out books even more quickly.

Q: When will your books be available as hardbacks/paperbacks/audio?
A: Some day in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

Q: Which author(s) do you admire?
A: The hard-working, no-nonsense ones who produce quality stuff over a long period of time. The ones dedicated to their craft. Guys like Chandler, MacDonald, Parker, and Cornwell.


  1. Um, Ronan? ... soon to be THREE books together.

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