Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dear Nook Owners, I Haven't Forgotten About You

Amazon dominates the ebook market, so naturally I focused my efforts initially on getting my books available there to reach the widest audience possible. All my novels and short stories are currently available on Amazon and for one quick easy link, you can go to my Author Page to see.

From the get-go, I made sure to offer all my stories DRM-free. Said another way, even if you didn't own a Kindle, you could still buy the books through Amazon and then read them on whatever device you chose.

But readers have asked that the books be available through other outlets for a number of reasons (file conversion is annoying, they want to support this store or that store, etc.) and I'm excited to say that two of my stories are available electronically through Barnes & Noble now.

Get The Hysteria on your Nook

Get Morale Was Down on your Nook

This is an experiment of sorts to see if the readers I pick up through B&N more than make up for the loss of borrows through the Kindle Unlimited program (which requires books be exclusive with Amazon). Only time will tell but I wanted to let all you Nook readers out there know I haven't forgotten about you!

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